Verse 1:
Dodgy Byriani with the lads last night,
You've had the trots since half past 3!
6 O'clock alarm electric's on the blink,
Can't even have a cup of tea!
Ice cold shower, mild heart attack;
makes Ur old man disappear!
On overcrowded train stood next to alci man, he smells of sweat & piss & beer!
Same ol' sour faces, same old shite;
Like Ur very own groundhog day,
But the busking man, he plays your favourite song, & he sings you on your way!!
Verse 2:
Primark brolley's broken & it's pissing down, & you really need a wee!
You pop into maccy's just to use the loo,
& maybe get a macdonald's brekkie!
Dirty ol' man at the urinals,
making rapey eyes at me!
So you do the 500 metre dash to work,
Decide not to call the authorities!
Bridge/Chorus 2:
British culture, crazies everywhere;
the crime rate's on the rise!
But the sun shines on the city like a well polished turd,
Make's you glad to be alive!
& I'm singing - Bap, bab ba doo ba bap bap bap - etc X 2
Verse 3:
Friendly foreign man at the traffic lights
Asks for the way to the new library;
Bunch of ruude boys in trakkies give him attitude;
"Waagwaan mah brethren, is you off ya tree!"
He looks confused, don't understand you dude;
Are we in the same country??
So they twat him in the face & take his wallet & phone,
Hmmmm now isn't that lovely!
Bridge/Chorus 3:
Broken Britain, its a f***ing disgrace;
When did we all lose our way??! I don't really have a positive response this time, so I might as well just saaaaay;
& I'm singing -
Bap, bap, be doo be bap ba bapo - etc X4
Might as well just say -
Have a nice day!