Two star crossed lovers with a magic spark
My Guiding Light in my endless dark
Got drunk for hours laughed & joked til we cried
The perfect year we shared in the sun
Hearts, bodies & souls til the day was done
Last dress rehearsal of our final swansong
Chorus 1:
Sung to my Slowly Breaking Heart
Slowly Breaking Heart
The walls of my mind are crumbling apart
Left cold & naked, alone in the dark
My Slowly Breaking Heart
Verse 2:
Grains of our memories are lost to the wind
Now on this grey dusty road I begin
Shattered road signs leave me back to the start
Chorus 2:
Back to my Slowly Breaking Heart
Slowly Breaking Heart
Like Dorian Gray I must bury the scars
My Slowly Breaking Heart
Woo- oo - oo oooh
Ooo - oo - oo- oo- oo oo - - yeah, eh eh eeaah
Musical interlude
Middle eight:
Thousand memories race round in my mind
Moments cherished now frozen in time
Tracing lines of your body getting lost in your smile
Fates of love & circumstance tore us apart;
To rhyme or reason why wouldn't know where to start
The tiniest light finds its way in the dark
Verse 3:
For the good times we've shared I must thank you my friend
Like the sweetest dream never wish it would end
In this masquerade we can no longer pretend
Chorus 3:
On this crumbling stage play out our parts
We must deny our broken hearts
Coward himself would've laughed at this farce
Laugh back the tears never breaking our masks
Our journey's end has come to pass
Hopes and dreams die with our hearts
The turn to Iron just like Tony Starks
But the tiniest ember it burns in the dark
You're all that keeps alive my breaking heart. Mmm -mmm - mm - mmmm