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  1. Holiday



Verse 1:
We went out in drag on our holidays,
Couldn't give 2 s***s bout what the people would say!
The girls would all laugh & the chavs would all stare,
But we were drinking & dancing without a care!
We were shaking our booties,
We were downing shots;
But the more we drank, the more the girls seemed hot!
We had a pole dancing contest & it seemed like fun,
Gonna party our way til the morning sun!
Chorus: Good times on yer holiday,
Your problems seem a thousand miles away!
A different world & a different place,
Leave reality behind & get off your face!
Verse 2:
You wander out of the club for some burgers & chips,
Your mates round the corner probably being sick!
He says he's ready to go home, it's not even late,
So you're stuck on your own; what a bunch of lightweights!
You wander back to the club, coz you fancy some more,
But everyone's on pills - the music's too hardcore!
You wander down to the beach for a midnight dip,
Under the moon & stars, this is your kinda trip!
Repeat chorus
Verse 3:
You wake up at 6 the next morning, you're dazed & confused;
The greek cleaning lady looks more confused that you!
Mumble good morning in Spanish & your on your way,
Couldn't give too shits bout what the people would say!
Ba, ba ba ba, baa, ba ba ba ba baaa, ska ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba baaa - X 2
Repeat chorus X2