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  1. Let It Ride



Verse 1:
You wake in the morning to a broken home,
Bloodshot eyes, heavy head & a heart of stone;
You glance in the mirror, trace the lines on your face;
Home of pictures & memories, now a barren space!
Crack the dust ridden window, let the sunlight in;
Shafts of light stream in across this house of sin!
Throw in an overnight bag what you got left of your life;
Hit the open road with a smile, & a bottle of gin!
Chorus 1: The stormy clouds mirror your broken heart;
The fading sun provides no solace from the dark!
Leave the skeletons of your life behind,
New horizons & crimson skies that you shall find;
The devil's dealt his hand, Let it ride!
As the devil deals his final hand; Let it Riiiiide!
Verse 2:
See the final sunset of this dreary town, Head for the breaking dawn with no regrets or sound!
Drive through the twilight zone through fiercest wind & rain;
Let it drench your skin & wash away your pain!
See a brand new sunrise on a brand new day,
Light up your roads ahead to help you steer your way!
The kindness of strangers lights an unknown road,
You taste forbidden fruits to ease your weary load!
Chorus 2:
Your mind races with memories, hopes & fears;
As racing winds they dry away your silent tears!
So screw your courage to the sticking place,
As winds of change carry you to some distant foreign place;
That fire within your soul, Let it burn!
That churning fire within your soul - -
Let it buuuurn!
Instrumental guitar break
Verse 3:
Your at the final frontier there's no turning back,
The ghosts of your past they fade from grey to black!
You only hurt the ones that you love the most,
Pray to the father, the son & the holy ghost!
The walls of your old life, they came crashing down,
But houses built on sand come tumbling to the ground!
Like a burning phoenix, you will rise on high;
Let your colours & flames burn up to the sky!
Chorus 3:
Your breaking heart battles the dying of the light;
The dying embers of your soul are filled with fright!
A kindly stranger takes you by the hand,
To battle unknown roads to seek the promised land!
The devil's dealt his hand, let it ride!
As the devil deals his final hand - - Let it riiiiide!
Instrumental break:
Le-eeeet it riiiiiiiidddde!